What Is Bat Exclusion?

Bat exclusion is the process of humanely removing bats from your home and sealing off points of entry to eliminate the possibility of bats getting back into your home. Critter Control uses multiple methods to help you get rid of bats. One popular method is to use one-way bat exclusion valves, which operate by allowing bats to leave your attic, but blocks their return. Once bats have been evicted, our team will seal up all holes and cracks to prevent future bat entry.

My Attic Is a Mess!

A colony of bats can make a mess of your attic and insulation, leaving behind piles of smelly guano. We can help. Attic clean up and decontamination is one of our specialties. Avoid the health hazards associated with the mess. Bats are known to carry rabies, as well as other parasites and diseases. Our team is trained to carefully remove damaged insulation and replace it with fresh, new insulation.

Smells are no problem for us either. We have many odor remediation techniques. Your attic can smell fresh again with just a little help from Critter Control.

Why Should You Hire a Bat Exclusion Professional?

Bats are not picky when it comes to finding comfortable places to roost. If you have gaps behind your shutters or small openings into your attic, bats will find them. Because bats are nocturnal, they can be difficult to spot during the day. Bats often spend the day nestled in attics behind insulation.

We care about the health of your home. Whether you live in a brand new home or one of the many historic homes in our area, we'll treat it like our own. Our exclusions keep bats out. Our quality repairs help to keep your home beautiful.

Getting rid of bats can be a frightening and potentially hazardous job. Critter Control has the experience and knowledge to deal with bat exclusions in the Triad area. Give us a call today at (336) 895-1993 in Winston-Salem and (336) 306-8944 in Greensboro. We’ll be happy to come out and inspect your property.

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