Greensboro Bat Control

Bats are known to enter homes in Greensboro and the surrounding Triad area when searching for safe shelter. Attics and chimneys are perfect areas for bats to roost and raise pups. Bats will create a terrible mess that may harbor dangerous diseases and spread a terrible odor throughout your Greensboro home or business. Bats can be a year round problem. If not controlled, the colony can grow and cause further and more serious damages.

Bat Guano in Greensboro

Bat guano (droppings) can cause extensive damages and problems. When a colony of bats roost in one spot of your attic, the insulation will become matted, soiled, and ruined. Over time the droppings will harbor diseases that may be transmitted to you and your family.

Bat Control Services for Greensboro

One-Way Doors

Critter Control of the Triad bat control services in Greensboro and the surrounding area are the most humane methods and approaches available. Your technician will install one way doors that will allow bats to leave but not reenter. Once all of the bats are out of the Greensboro home or business, your technician will repair damages and points of entry for long-term bat control solutions.

Attic Restoration

Critter Control of the Triad will remove and restore attic insulation. Restoring the insulation will help increase your home's energy level and reduce energy bills.

If you suspect a need for bat control in Greensboro or the surrounding area, call Critter Control of Triad. We are the bat control professionals.

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