Management Programs

Commercial Wildlife Management

If you are dealing with squirrels, bats, raccoons, or opossums in your commercial building, look no further! Critter Control of the Triad has expert training and experience that offers long-term and efficient results. Each wildlife technician has a genuine care for wildlife well being. The experience and care combined results in some of the most effective and efficient commercial wildlife control. Each professional is thoroughly trained on all wildlife animal intelligence levels, habitats, diet preferences, and habits.

Full-Service Management Programs

Each step of wildlife control is essential. Critter Control of the Triad offers services to complete your problem from beginning to end.


Your Critter Control of the Triad technician will get rid of the problem wildlife animal that has made its way inside of your home. Using species-specific solutions, we will get the wildlife animal out quickly and safely.

Damage Repairs

A squirrel in the attic and bats in the walls will create extensive damages in a short amount of time. We can repair damages done by intrusive wildlife, including attic restoration and insulation replacement.


Wildlife control is not complete unless you prevent future problems from occurring. Critter Control of the Triad will place preventative measures to keep wildlife from reentering your business.

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